Project ESPER

Video game composers John Robert Matz and Jeff Swingle hired me to adapt a scene from Final Fantasy 6 as an audio drama/musical.

I used my expertise in dramatic structure, dialogue writing, voice acting to create a self-contained narrative that met the following criteria:

  • Hit all the points of good dramatic storytelling

  • Fully utilize the audio drama medium

  • Add context so that the resulting scene satisfied fans and newcomers alike.

My contributions

  • I had never played FF6, so I researched like mad to became an expert on the lore in short order.

  • Coached my writing partner in writing for drama in exchange for help with the nuances of the game’s lore

  • Designed the scenario

  • Wrote the following:

    • Scene #1 (1:15–2:55)

    • Scene #2 (3:20–5:32)

    • Scene #3 (5:42–8:49), and

    • Scene #6 (16:10–17:28)

  • Edited the entire sequence for consistency

  • Minor cameo as a goon @ 13:47 



Detail 2

Detail 3

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