Writing Portfolio for Microsoft

Welcome, Microsoft Mixed Reality team!

I have a ton of portfolio pieces to showcase, but I curated these few items especially for you. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a message at me@hadurant.com.

— Hassan DuRant
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Marketing collateral for Principled Technologies

At PT, I collaborate with a large studio team to develop engaging marketing materials for large tech companies, including yours! Here are a few examples of infographics, videos, concepts, and reports I've helped to create.

Games journalism

In 2015, I took on a few freelance gigs to keep my journalistic skills sharp. Here's my favorite from VGM Academy.


Prose writing

An excerpt from a of short story I hope to turn into a narrative game. Rooted in South American magical realism.

Science journalism

In addition to my experience as Science & Tech section editor for the daily newspaper The Technician, I worked as a staff writer for Science Magazine in Washington, D.C.

Here's my favorite article.

My thoughts on game narrative

I wrote an analysis of game narratives that used Hyper Light Drifter as the main case study. Here, you can see my approach to approaching game narratives from a critical standpoint.

Night Shift

Interactive story

A short, experimental interactive narrative game. Play the game here, or see my design analysis here.


Dramatic script for a radio play

In 2017, Materia Collective contracted me to help write a licensed adaptation of a well-known game from 1994. Here's one of the early scenes. 
BONUS: See a section from the character bible I developed, here.