You can find most of my music on SoundCloud, but here are some highlights:

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Art of Broken Pieces

Casual Combat

Mario Kart—In Real Life!

One day a student at N.C. State's College of Design asked me to provide music for her stop-motion animation project. The challenge? It was all due in less than a week. Challenge accepted! 

Short Film: The Suits

  1. (0:00) The First Day
  2. (0:46) Prelude to a Nightmare
  3. (1:12) Pretend You're Okay
  4. (2:05) Wolves in Fine Clothing
  5. (2:58) The Haunting

"As the computer monitor bores white light into his eyes, a graduate student loses his grip on reality and begins to hallucinate mysterious, well-dressed strangers..."

Throughout the short score, the cues become stranger and more agitated until the the character's imagination finally gets the better of him.

The music for Suits was made in a couple of days. The challenging part was that I wasn't able to see the film until the music had already been made. Luckily, it turned out to be a good fit (to the director's relief!).

Imaginigami - TOP SECRET Project

In late Spring 2013 I was shanghaied by Raleigh creative think-tank Imaginigami. Their demands: create the score for a children’s TV show using nothing but the human voice.

Before production I worked closely with Imaginigami’s CEO to develop the program’s signature sound. We went back and forth to find the perfect way to capture the beauty of Theatre for a young audience. I worked for six weeks to produce the music, and facilitated rehearsals with the musicians before the recording sessions.

The experience was magical—but because of a much stronger magic called “Non-disclosure agreements”, I’m only able to show you a short preview of my work. 


This one was challenging! I wrote the music for this awesome student design project in a few days, while juggling all work from the weirdest semester of my college career. Special thanks to the design students at NC State University for making this happen!